This is where I show off my finished projects for the year. Some of these are my own designs and some I have made following someone else's pattern. I've linked to the patterns where possible.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Easy slippers, measure foot from toe to heel, make a chain that long and crochet until you have a square. Gather one end tightly to form the toe, stitch up a few stitches to cover the foot part and then stitch up the opposite end for the heel. Add a couple rounds of sc around the foot opening and sew on pom poms and you're good to go. These are actually green and yellow, but the camera doesn't like green. Click the picture to get to the pattern.


Anonymous bonnieboo_13 said...

I have spent at least an hour reading your blogs & looking at your finished objects.
You are so talented. I love the star afghan. Yours is much prettier than the pattern that was given. How big did this end up being?
Thanks for the links!

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Cheryl said...

Hello dot I really like this star blanket you made I checked out the website where it came from and I started to make it well from scrap balls that I have and now I'm kicking myself in the behind because I started out with pink then an ombre then I put aran then buff I should of just gone with the buff and aran because when the light shines off the buff it looks gold I really like yours though it looks brite and cheery oh well as you say I'm going to frog this one and start over lol!!!

10:51 AM  

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