This is where I show off my finished projects for the year. Some of these are my own designs and some I have made following someone else's pattern. I've linked to the patterns where possible.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


My first real experience with the loop stitch. Cute isn't he. For his belly and back I was doing the loop stitch wrong, but I kept going and finished the bear stuffing and all. Gracie loved him all night long and the next morning I had to make him another belly and back because the loops had given way and the stuffing was trying to escape. I also got his snout on crooked, but I like his little smirk. I think I saw this on Crochetville, but I'm not sure. I did a google search for "huggy bear crochet" and found the pattern. You can click the picture or the link to take you to Shady Lane, the site offering this pattern free. You will have to sign up but I think it's worth it.


Blogger KnotAKnitter said...

How sweet! Thank you for posting this picture and the links.

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